[bf1942] Question for a dead list

Nephar nephar at skullz.net
Fri May 23 16:21:35 EDT 2003

How do you get HLSW to work with BF1942?!  I use HLSW for all my HL
servers but am forced to use the Remote Console to admin the BF servers
I have.
Thanks in advance.


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Hello Kevin,

Friday, May 23, 2003, 9:44:40 AM, you wrote:

KL> Hi All,

KL> I know this question is off-topic but hey, sue me, this list is dead

KL> anyway. :)

KL> How many Linux BF server admins would be interested in using a 
KL> daemon that allows you to admin your server using my (Win32) Remote 
KL> Server Manager v2 utility?

KL> Note that I'm not talking about the current 1.3 version which 
KL> connects via the Remote Console, I'm talking about my new 
KL> client-server version 2.0 currently in beta.

KL> All answers to this forum topic please! 
KL> http://www.blackbagops.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=497

KL> Kevin Lockitt
KL> kevin at blackbagops.com
KL> www.blackbagops.com

to be honest I NEVER used your tool because it's crap...
I can admin a server much better using HLSW :P

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