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Uhh. Upgrade, 6.2 is ancient news. Like 2 -3 years...

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I just installed the linux server with the DC mod.  The server crashes
with a 
segmentation fault when switching maps (about 25% of the time).  In
words, it might work fine for a few maps and then die.  It does not
that one specific map is causing the issue.  I'm using RedHat 6.2 Unix.

any suggestions?

Thanks in advance,

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> Well, since this list is alive, but quiet I'll just add a little 
> content.
> Our gaming community has been having fun this last week with Desert 
> Combat ..3n on our server.  We've seen and talked about the bugs, but 
> the gameplay is so awesome that we're all excited to just play.  We're

> looking at upgrading to the .35e update this weekend.
> We have over 70 members in our gaming community, of which 10 to 15 
> play BF/DC regularly.  We all think the DC mod really adds a lot of 
> depth to the BF engine.  We're looking forward to seeing the BF 1.4 
> client and server coming out soon, but it's not stopping us from 
> having a great time!
> I hope that all your servers are humming along as fine as ours.
> Paul
> Kodiak Gaming Community
> http://kodiak.servegame.com
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