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Thu May 22 14:51:50 EDT 2003

Well, since this list is alive, but quiet I'll just add a little content.

Our gaming community has been having fun this last week with Desert Combat
.3n on our server.  We've seen and talked about the bugs, but the gameplay
is so awesome that we're all excited to just play.  We're looking at
upgrading to the .35e update this weekend.

We have over 70 members in our gaming community, of which 10 to 15 play
BF/DC regularly.  We all think the DC mod really adds a lot of depth to
the BF engine.  We're looking forward to seeing the BF 1.4 client and
server coming out soon, but it's not stopping us from having a great time!

I hope that all your servers are humming along as fine as ours.

Kodiak Gaming Community

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