[bf1942] [OT] DC 0.35 AC-130 bug?

Rowan Smith fsd at fsdtech.net
Mon May 19 06:41:32 EDT 2003

Ive never had any problems with them...new or old dc 

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James Gurney wrote:

> Is anyone running DC 0.35 on the Linux server? Does the AC-130 still 
> have the same problem it had with 0.30 on the Linux server? (ie, it 
> spawns about 20 feet off the ground and cannot be moved).
> Finally getting my clan's server up and running tomorrow and I'm 
> wondering if I'll have to leave out all the AC-130 maps (which would 
> suck, since Gazala and Alamein are two of our favourite maps).
> Thanks,
> James
Yeah, I got it working yesterday and it does it in all of the maps..


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