[bf1942] Getting a little antsy, new release?

Mike Palmer stuff at dustsmoke.com
Fri May 16 16:05:06 EDT 2003

I find it absolutely 'amazing' that Andreas sits through this crap day in
day out.

Don't get me wrong, there is the occasional 'valid' post in here. But for
Christ sakes, spam and whining is not valid. It's abuse. There is a reason
why windows users don't get things like this, don't sit in here destroying
it for us.

I just have a question, "does anybody truly think it's entirely up to
Andreas?" And if it were and he gave you 1.4, what would you
test/play/whatever it with? Your bf1942 client that you wrote in your free

This is the only thing i've ever said on this list. There is no need to
reply. Just cut the spam for us please. (Spam also includes telling
Andreas 'good job' after everything he says, I seriously doubt he needs
your moral support)


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