[bf1942] Re: running with out cd

Brian Berglund smokey at giventofly.com
Fri May 16 12:18:44 EDT 2003

Clone has its own Virtual Drive now. You can mount your clone image to that

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	It will. I use this method instead of a No-cd. I used Clonecd to create
	the image file (ccd instead of iso, which might not work).
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	> Yer get an iso of the cd and mount that from a central file
	> server. on each of the machines. You will need to test if
	> BF1942 will run from an iso mounted from daemon tools and if
	> it does get enough copies of daemon tools for all your
	> machines but should work.
	> All assuming you have enough copies of BF1942 to go around :P
	>     Steve / K
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	> I should mount a Deamon BF CD remotely?
	> How can I point on it in the network than?
	> If you ment a CD unit on a server machine.. I already have it
	> and can install games from it, but it doesn't work as a inbox
	> CD unit... So it still needs NoCD cracks...

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