[bf1942] Getting a little antsy, new release?

Daniel Valois ninzor at packet-kids.com
Fri May 16 07:14:24 EDT 2003

What IS the holdup, then?
Is it ready and you're sitting on it?
Do you feel it's almost close to being ready?
Anything will be better than what we have now.
We're used to getting buggy versions and debugging them for you. That
hasn't happened lately. I don't know why you feel it necessary to
release patches in accordance to the win32 version. We need a patch bad.
We wont bitch if there are more bugs. We'll be happy to help out. That's
why we're on this mailing list. We are all supposed to be a team here as
far as I know. Or are we now all playing the role of your average end
user that doesn't know how to power cycle a PC. As you can tell I am
frustrated with this new way of doing things and not seeing any hard
evidence of anything being done about it. Sorry if this pissed you and
the rest of the list off but deep down a lot of you probably agree. So
flame on.


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Sorry but I'm not allowed to speak about release dates. Let me assure
you though that the patch isn't held back because of Linux issues.

// Andreas

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> Subject: [bf1942] Getting a little antsy, new release?
> Ok, I understand that this is probally the worst question to ask,
> but Andreas, when will we see a new server version? the next week?
> the next month? another 3 months?
> I'm getting a little antsy here because I've heard all about 
> this new build,
> how it doesn't suffer the woe's of the old one and I want to 
> try it out!
> I know that you guys are working hard on this, but we haven't 
> seen a release

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