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Matrix Matrix at ServerXtreme.com
Thu May 15 12:59:51 EDT 2003

I second that!!  Good things come to those who wait. :-p   The funny
thing is the same people that bitch about it taking so long will be the
same people that will bitch like crazy about every little bug they find.
To those who bitch, just be thankfully that this is a free Linux port.
They do not have to do this, but they chose to, and that gets my respect
no matter how long it takes!  Coding takes time, and bug fixes take
time.  If they gave it to you now, you would most likely not run it
anyway if bugs exist!   Hell you would have an empty server anyway
considering this is 1.4 and that is not even released on windows yet!!!
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dont like it? use the win32 version.

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this m8s on ea and dice arent able to create it.... or why we must wait
so long?????
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Hello Eric Schultz,
i think they make it like the 1.3 Patch and bring it out when "SECRET
WAEPONS" ready to sale.
But this is only a assumption remember we are all "only stupidly
Useres" that have already bay the BF1942........
ES> Ok, I understand that this is probally the worst question to ask,
ES> but Andreas, when will we see a new server version? the next week?
ES> the next month? another 3 months?
ES> I'm getting a little antsy here because I've heard all about this
new build,
ES> how it doesn't suffer the woe's of the old one and I want to try it
ES> I know that you guys are working hard on this, but we haven't seen a
ES> for a long time!
ES> Can we at least have an approx. date? like three weeks, 2 months or
ES> like that? I'm not expecting it to be out of beta or anthing like
ES> I'm starting to wonder if it would be worth setting it up through
ES> Thank you for your patience,
ES> Eric Schultz
ES> The Cookie Shop
ES> 950 Main St.
ES> Antioch, IL 60002
ES> Phone: 847 - 838 - 2456
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