[bf1942] DeathCam vs FreeCam

Maarten De Meyer keats at prophecy.be
Tue May 13 12:53:01 EDT 2003

Freecam 0 = stopping them from browsing the battlefield and
automatically showing the killer.

Serverhitindication is indeed the little cross around the crosshair that
shows when you hit. If your server indeed has those settings; it will
show the killer.

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ServerSettings.con file::

game.serverFreeCamera 0   (stops the guys from browsing the whole

game.setServerHitIndication 0 (not possitive but i think this will stop
giveaway shooter. My server doesnt show who killed you)

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> I agree; the deathcam gives away the position of your killer and makes
> sniping or sneaky tactics virtually useless; the freecam allows you to
> roam the field and check out ALL the enemy positions while dead. This
> one thing CS has solved elegantly: 2 extra settings, one that locks on
> teammates after the kill (without explicitly showing the enemy's
> position) and one that justs fades the screen to black when you die;
> until you respawn. It would indeed benefit tournament play if one or
> both of those were added to battlefield.
> By the way one extra question; in 1.4 there will be a GUI vor the
> kickvoting system. Will that GUI also be applied to mapvotes and such?
> can imagine a vote for extending the time would be cool on publics;
> now im probably talking 1.5/1.6 or the likes ;)
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> Is there a server setting that disables the DeathCam (that shows you
> killed you) and also disables the FreeCam (forcing you to only see
> teammates while waiting to respawn)? This would seem to be the
> setting for tournament play.

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