[bf1942] P4 or Athlon for server platform?

Sid Chrome sidbo at xtra.co.nz
Mon May 12 17:33:04 EDT 2003

In terms of supporting 64 players, you will need for an Intel based
system a P4 3Ghz (or greater) cpu.

I can safely say that for certain as I have in the last 3 days
comissioned a dual 3G xeon server, and am finally able to run a 64
player server that does not lag. Looking at the console the FPS when
completely full is about 15, which is unnoticeable by the clients, and
the cpu occupancy of a HT enabled CPU is around the 90% mark. It will do
a 64 player server, but the answer is "just".

I'm looking at getting some AMD based systems too, and hopefully will be
able to do a comparison but that's going to take a bit of time. 

I know it doesn't answer your question for sure, but I'm just relating
my experiences in trying to get a 64 player server running smoothly :)

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