[bf1942] P4 or Athlon for server platform?

NINjak ninjak at ss-nl.com
Mon May 12 05:47:13 EDT 2003

>> Athlon instead of the
>>>P4/XEON !
>> Athlon and p4's can't be compaired to a xeon.
>Additionally, I cannot second this opinion. Our 2.6 GHz Xeons perform 
>much, much better than their Athlon MP counterparts and can take more 
>game servers per box.

The experience of a friend of mine is the other way around a dual 2 Ghz
XEON system could not handle the same number of CS servers that where on an
AMD Athlon MP 1900+ system ! After the switch (MP<>XEON) people (clan
servers) where complaining about extreme lag, when the switch was undone
everything was fine (again) !

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