[bf1942] P4 or Athlon for server platform?

Tristan Gulyas zardoz at shafted.com.au
Mon May 12 05:16:32 EDT 2003

> Additionally, I cannot second this opinion. Our 2.6 GHz Xeons perform
> much, much better than their Athlon MP counterparts and can take more
> game servers per box.

What are the specifications of your Xeon machine?  What OS and games is it
running?  And what Athlons are you comparing it against?

Reason being that it has only been with the Barton core that the Athlons
have had the benefit of 512KB L2 cache - and I found that having loads of L2
really does seem to help with game server operation.

Xeons are a little bit way *up there* as far as price/performance goes.
I've also found that comparing Xeons with P4 processors yields similar
results, with the exception of figures that depend on the chipset features.
Also note that the Xeon has less memory bandwidth than the 800MHz FSB P4s.


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