[bf1942] P4 or Athlon for server platform?

Rowan Smith fsd at fsdtech.net
Mon May 12 04:30:36 EDT 2003


The general feeling ive had when trying to run 24+ player servers is
laggyness on anything around/below athlon xp 1800. I have heard reports
of it running nicer on the t bred 2200+'s or above, but personally
havent used a 2200 yet, so it may run that much better...

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Rowan Smith wrote:
> but on 100mbit a dedicated linux box with an
> xp2800 will lag a bit with 24 or more players..so might be something 
> worth thinking about

Er, are you sure about those numbers? The servers run by Nvidia are XP 
2600 machines, with the nForce 2 chipset, and they happily support 64 
players without any particular lag.

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