[bf1942] P4 or Athlon for server platform?

NINjak ninjak at ss-nl.com
Mon May 12 03:59:43 EDT 2003

Hello guys,

The AMD Athlon is the better platform to host multiplayer games.
His strong FPU is the (real) reason to choose for the Athlon instead of the

Go for dual systems if you have the money, you can host more (heavy)
gameservers on 1 dual system, the cpu with the less load will handle the
i/o transactions.

You can host more gameservers on one dual systeem then on 2 separate
systems :)

Cya NINjak

At 12:29 PM 5/12/2003 +1000, you wrote:
>Howdy all,
>we're about to purchase some server gear for our Melbourne-based LAN gaming
>events (~300-400 players) and we're trying to decide between the Athlon or
>P4 platforms.  I'm fairly set on an Athlon 2500+ on an nForce2 board with
>either 512MB or 1GB RAM, however, we're also considering some of the lower
>end P4 offerings.
>We can't really spend much more than AU$900 on each machine so we're on a
>bit of a budget, although if the P4 offers *that much more* performance,
>then we might be able to strech it a tad.
>thanks in advance,
>Tristan Gulyas
>zardoz at shafted.com.au
>"We are the music makers..and we are the dreamers of the dream"
> --Willy Wonka

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