Voting System

Marcus PRIVAT bmp at
Mon May 12 03:36:35 EDT 2003

Hello Andreas,

Have you a simple Voting system planned for the 1,4 Patch?  
I believe the current Voting am too complicated for the player.  
Can't you insert a mask there where the player simply push a 1 for YES
and 2 for NO to confirm ?
And a Keybinding where the player can start a Vote ?

For exampele :

To start a Vote Push V ,

1. Vote for Mapchange
2. Vote for Kick a Player
3. and so on...

If you Push 1. then :

1. El_Alamein
2. Wake
3. and so on....

The other Players must then only Push V for Voting.

Vote for Mapchange to El_Alamein.

1. Yes 
2. No

I hope I could you give a small inspiration.


Marcus Berger

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