[bf1942] Linux server status update 2003-05-05

Fredriksson, Andreas andreas.fredriksson at dice.se
Fri May 9 04:27:25 EDT 2003

that might be a good idea for future releases (1.x) but for now I'm
going to focus on putting out a binary that works for the majority
of users. There will be two binaries for 1.4, one dynamic and one
static. The one to run is automatically selected by a small shell
scripts that runs ldd over the dynamic binary and then decides
which version to symlink to before starting the server.

Adding AMD/Intel versions at this point would bring the executable
count up to four, and I simply don't have time to compile and test
all those versions right now :-)


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> Andreas,
> I just downloaded a server patch for Half-Life Dedicated Server and I
> saw they compiled optimised binaries for AMD and Pentium processors.
> Perhaps a suggestion for Battlefield as well? I'm not sure how much
> performance gain you have, but the more the better I guess?
> Regards,
> Roland
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> Onderwerp: [bf1942] Linux server status update 2003-05-05
> Hi list,
> there's not much from me this week. I'm working on win32 bugs at the
> moment but the fixes (as you know by now) also apply to the Linux
> server. We are building the two releases side-by-side from the same
> codebase so nothing will be left out from the Linux release.
> On the features side event logging is in, and so is the new client
> checksum system which allows you to allow anything (0), allow official
> (1) or allow client side mods of your choice (2).
> Regards,
> Andreas

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