[bf1942] Spawn Wave

Andrew von Niederhausern avonnied at genetics.utah.edu
Mon May 5 13:16:28 EDT 2003

SpawnTime is the spawnWave..

so if you have it set to 10 it will allow respawning every 10 seconds..

SpawnDelay is the length of time you are allowed to respawn once the
spawnwave is reached.


SpawnTime of 10
SpawnDelay of 5

every 10 seconds you can spawn
and at that 10 seconds you are allowed to spawn for 5 seconds. then the
timer starts over again at 10 seconds. If you died within that 5 seconds
you would be able to spawn immediately.

you'll notice on some servers they have it set higher and lower than others
by the amount of time you are still able to spawn once the timer reaches zero..

At 01:05 PM 5/5/2003 -0400, you wrote:
>>From ServerSettings.con:
>game.serverSpawnTime 5
>game.serverSpawnDelay 3
>I suppose that one of these is for the spawn wave and the other for
>personal delay.  So setting the one for the spawnwave to 0, that would
>eradicate it.
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>I don't think you can give each person a spawn time from this death, its
>all based on the spawn wave..
>At 02:17 PM 5/1/2003 -0700, you wrote:
>>Can someone explain this to me?
>>And can this wave be shut off? And if it is, is there any pro's or
>>I would like to have just a set period of spawn time. This way everyone
>>the exact amount of time.

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