AW: [bf1942] linux server problem whith: this beta of this game expired

Christian Satanic.Surfer.666 at
Sun May 4 08:33:34 EDT 2003

Hi Omran,

and check your systemtime. Maybe the time in your bios is wrong.


PK> Hi Omran,

PK> I just tried to run the BF1942-Server with the last update from Ryan and
PK> it runs fine. First I installed
PK>, then
PK> updated with
PK> 9.tar.bz2 and at last
PK> yan.tar.bz2. "LastFromRyan" shouldn´t expire.

PK> Peter

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PK> Gesendet: Sonntag, 4. Mai 2003 13:38
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PK> Betreff: [bf1942] linux server problem whith: this beta of this game
PK> expired

PK> Hi,

PK> I tried to install the Linux Server but I got following Problem:

PK> Sorry, but this beta of the game has expired, and will no  longer run.
PK> This is to prevent tech support on out-of-date  and prerelease versions
PK> of the game. Please go to for information on
PK> getting a release  version that does not expire.

PK>  From where I can get an actual update, I found one in 
PK> whith the name 
PK> bf1942-lnxded-betaupdate-build-LastFromRyan.tar.bz2 from the 17.3.2003 
PK> but it still does not work (it seems to me that the patch is to old)

PK> I downloaded the Version v1.3 beta 2.

PK> Thanks in advance.

PK> Bye
PK> Omran

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