[bf1942] Serious cpu use drop with beta 7

Scott Canham scott.canham at mnsu.edu
Thu Jun 26 22:01:14 EDT 2003

Great job andreas! Some of the maps got laggy on DC with 24 players... Not


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Thanx for the reply: however, i said in easy words... :)

No, actually I don't think it's anything about memory (i hope, that's what
memtest86 is about.. :-) since all other versions worked fine, except the
cpu-load and the bungee sometimes...

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>It seems the CPU-load-problem has "disappeared" (at least for my server 
>it did)...
>Server: P4 2.0 Ghz, 512 MB SDRAM, running DC 0.38 (don't know anything 
>about kernel or anything... :)
>However: did anyone notice crashin the server after some amount of time?
>Happened yesterday with 20 players playing Stalingrad and today again 
>with no players on Gazala. If not, can anyone tell me (as easy as 
>possible) to get some useful information about this crash? Plz, I'm 
>"sort of" a Noob at linux, so only use easy words... :)

Hmm...you could check your memory with Memtest86 or have a look at your
messages if any harddisk crc errors occured.
This was the reason why my CS Server crashed every 7mins ;)

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>Where did those funky stat graphs come from?
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>Subject: [bf1942] Serious cpu use drop with beta 7
>> I've been running beta7 since this morning, and the cpu use has
>> *drmatically* dropped when the server is full.
>> You can see this neatly illustrated in here:
>> http://fez.cracksmokingmonkeys.net/woo/
>> The top graph is cpu use over the last 32 hours or so. The lower 
>> graph is the number of players on the server in the same time period. 
>> As you can see, the number of players has been consistant before and 
>> after switching the server to beta 7. However, average cpu use has 
>> dropped considerably, which is great news.
>> Thanks Andreas!
>> James

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