AW: [bf1942] Serious cpu use drop with beta 7

Martin Steiger martin at
Thu Jun 26 16:27:34 EDT 2003

It seems the CPU-load-problem has "disappeared" (at least for my server it

Server: P4 2.0 Ghz, 512 MB SDRAM, running DC 0.38 (don't know anything about
kernel or anything... :)

However: did anyone notice crashin the server after some amount of time?
Happened yesterday with 20 players playing Stalingrad and today again with
no players on Gazala. If not, can anyone tell me (as easy as possible) to
get some useful information about this crash? Plz, I'm "sort of" a Noob at
linux, so only use easy words... :)


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Where did those funky stat graphs come from?

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> I've been running beta7 since this morning, and the cpu use has
> *drmatically* dropped when the server is full.
> You can see this neatly illustrated in here:
> The top graph is cpu use over the last 32 hours or so. The lower graph
> is the number of players on the server in the same time period. As you
> can see, the number of players has been consistant before and after
> switching the server to beta 7. However, average cpu use has dropped
> considerably, which is great news.
> Thanks Andreas!
> James

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