[bf1942] Serious cpu use drop with beta 7

Casey Zacek bfb-bf at bogleg.org
Thu Jun 26 08:57:40 EDT 2003

James Gurney wrote (at Wed, Jun 25, 2003 at 11:23:38PM -0700):
> I've been running beta7 since this morning, and the cpu use has 
> *drmatically* dropped when the server is full.
> You can see this neatly illustrated in here:
> http://fez.cracksmokingmonkeys.net/woo/


I'm seeing the same effect.  You can see clearly that I updated from
ob5 to ob7 in the middle of Wednesday by the spike up, followed by
nothing for a while.

CPU per player on my machine is down by roughly 1%CPU (green, bottom
graph).  Somehow this also allows more outbound traffic..?

2xAthlonMP 1900+ (the percentages are percent of *one* CPU, not

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