Announcement: open beta 6 available

Fredriksson, Andreas andreas.fredriksson at
Wed Jun 25 08:46:29 EDT 2003

the open beta 6 of the BF1942 dedicated Linux server is available
on the usual distribution site:

This release is an incremental update which will update the
server from open beta 4 or 5 to open beta 6.

To install the update, cd to the directory where your bf1942
directory is located and untar the update file, this will
overwrite the files that need to be updated.

Filename: bf1942_lnxded-1.4-ob6up.tar.bz2
MD5 sums: 81ec000159042b1c96f6366dd5e3d2fc  bf1942_lnxded.dynamic
          351aa552733d52fafaf6d93c16c63d39  bf1942_lnxded.static
Version: BF1942 (Ver:52221/Wed Jun 25 13:27:27 CEST 2003)
Release date: 2003-06-25
elease status: Incremental update from open beta 4 or 5.
Comment: Shipped with symbol table intact to produce stack traces.

- Compiled with different optimization settings to improve
- The game.sayAll console command is now available.
- game.listPlayers gives ip addresses in the correct order.
- The status monitor leaves more room for the server name.
- Added frame simulation stats to status monitor for beta

Known issues:
- SMP kernels can cause the server to use a lot more CPU than what
  it it really should be using; the only known workaround is to
  use a non-SMP kernel. People are also reporting success with the
  development kernels (the 2.5.x series), which is only recommended
  for the daring.

// Andreas

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