[bf1942] Stats BF - LOG XML [OT]

Jesse Hirsh jesse at openflows.org
Wed Jun 25 07:27:16 EDT 2003

> Just to inform you, if you don't already know...
> Some people have already started a BF statistics project.
> The website is http://www.bfstats.com

but have they released the code they use?

> They monitor a *huge* number of servers already...

i like and support their project, but i don't support a notion of big
brother or central stats. i think stats programs above and beyond most
other software needs to be free and open source as it is what allows
people to know what is going on in their systems and servers. my $0.02

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On Wed, 25 Jun 2003, Jaco wrote:

> >
> >I will try I'm just see before the zxml but I think it's possible
> >
> >;)
> >
> >The website for the stats bf1942 will soon open !!!
> >
> >Destroy Dav

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