Physics on a linux server

Alex Bergin akb at
Sun Jun 22 17:40:16 EDT 2003

I remember back in the early/beta release's of the Linux server release,
people found playing on a Linux server gave some strange side effects. i.e.
the movements of players would be jerky, or things wouldn't animate
properly. I personally haven't experienced this, but I wanted to know if
these problems still existed, as some of the players of a Linux server I
help maintain have complained of such a problem. They are requesting we run
the server on a windows box, which I really have to say, is the most
inconvenient server OS in the world. I don't particularly want to migrate to
windows, but I want the players to be happy.

Have any other Admins out there had similar complaints for their player

Could someone - maybe Ryan (as if he has the time though) or some other
Linux monkey/guru confirm or disprove this. Thanks.

Alex Bergin

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