[bf1942] Performace Questions

Mario Ohnewald mario.ohnewald at gmx.de
Sun Jun 22 03:06:44 EDT 2003

32 users:
1,7GHz @ 75%
256MB Mem @ 45%

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  We have 4 bf servers per machine here and with 2 busy the machine
  can push 6MB. BF1942 is the most bandwidth sapping game out :(
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    Pentium P4 1.7 Ghz
    512 MB RAM

    23 users
    Desert Combat .38
    Average FPS 13 - 16

    CPU ~80%

    This is with a 1.5 MB pipe..... I can upgrade my colo-bw to 10Mbps, but
will I be able to support more users?

    Am I CPU locked? Or can i use that remaining 20%??

    I have client limiting set to 128kbps.....

    Should I configure the server for server BW limiting too? What would i
put in for a 1.5 Mps (T1) speed connect?

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