wokka at wokka at
Fri Jun 20 12:55:58 EDT 2003

Just a heads up folks, I had no problems getting bf 1.4 beta 5 running on
my freebsd 4.8 release box using the redhat 7.1 compatibility... it loaded
using the static libs and runs fine...  at idle, and with 1 person, top
reported no more than 4% cpu on a 1ghz p3

with dc at idle, it hovers between 7 and 12% and with 1 person on it,
jumped as high as 30%

just me running around... i felt the bungie a couple of times in about 10
minutes...  could have been net lag since this is a colocated box, but my
pings are pretty consistent at about 60ms...  it definitely was
playable...  we'll see under load

once i get some people on it, will let everyone know the results...


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