[bf1942] Desert Combat w/ 1.4 Linux server

Bill Cuffley bcuffley at netarus.com
Tue Jun 17 00:23:13 EDT 2003

Ok, for your time formula, I see this error often, if your stop is at 5
minutes and 1 seconds, and your start at 4:59, well, 501-459=42, instead
of 2.  So, basically this is a false negative.  Use `date +%s` instead,
this is given by the gnu version of date (yeah, we're running linux),
and gives the seconds since epoch. 


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I havent done anything, its a total clean install

1. installed the linux server
2. changed ServerSettings.con to internet server + changed name + 
contentcheck off
3. installed DC 0.35 client on a win2k machine (without BF on),
4. zipped the "mods" dir
5. and uploaded it to the linux server where i unzipped it
6. start the game with "./bf1942_lnxded +statusMonitor 1 +game

(i've also changed a couple of FF and kickback settings, not that it
matter. Battle of 73 Easting doesnt work)

the server is redhat 7.3, with all availible updates applied

im going to include my startup files, cause they rock

--------begin "dc"--------------------
cd /home/bf/bin
screen -a -m -d -S dc ./rundc
---------end "bf"---------------------

--------begin "rundc"-------------
cd /home/bf/dc1942
while : ; do
         start=`date '+%d%H%M%S'`
         echo "bf started at $start" >>bf.log
./bf1942_lnxded +statusMonitor 1 +game DesertCombat
date >>crash.log
         stop=`date '+%d%H%M%S'`
         t=`expr $stop - $start`
         if test 0 -le $t -a $t -lt 20 ; then
                 failcount=`expr $failcount + 1`
         if test $failcount -gt 5 ; then
                 exit 1
         sleep 3
--------end "rundc"--------------

hope you can use it


At 04:35 PM 6/15/2003 -0500, you wrote:
>   What did you have to do to make it work, my clients load 100% then
>game crashes.

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