[bf1942] stack trace from segmentation fault

aking at gblx.net aking at gblx.net
Sun Jun 15 21:02:33 EDT 2003

I dunno.. I receive 500+ emails a day as a sysadmin.  IMHO, any sysadmin
that deals with a bunch of machines should be on assloads of lists for
system status, etc.  Doesn't bug me in the slightest.

If people are pissed about the ammount of mail they receive, 1 easy word:

PROCMAIL! - learn it. (if you're using linux or other POSIX OS)

If not on UNIX, learn your mail client filters.  Also very easy.

If you don't find the info useful at all, unsub.  No reason to whine and
bitch at the rest of us on this list who take the time to organize our

Aubrey King
Global Crossing, Ltd.
IP Systems Engineering
Systems Administrator

On Sun, 15 Jun 2003, RookieWan wrote:

> uxmax wrote:
> >this list is dead
> >
> >  
> >
> Er since when is receiving 20 mails a dead considered to be dead?

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