DonK donk at gci.net
Wed Jun 11 17:10:09 EDT 2003

Not to spam the list... But I have another question.  My server had a 
full compliment of 16 peeps.  I was seeing only about 60% CPU util, but 
the server FPS was around 30 (was 60 when i started it).  My 
understanding is that will have a negative impact of the players, fewer 
FPS, fewer updates to clients meaning some noticeable lag independent of 
any network latency.  Is this correct?  Since my server has got 
horsepower and RAM to spare what could be causing this?  Could it be 
I/O?  The server is old skool, 100MHZ for RAM and what have you, small 
on CPU cache.  Could this be causing the problem?


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