[bf1942] Desert Combat w/ 1.4 Linux server

Kevin J. Anderson lestat at counter-strike.net
Sun Jun 15 15:06:58 EDT 2003

you have to wait on dc.  there are plenty of topics in the dev forum.

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->Does anyone have experience w/ this?  My users are revolting!  They don't
->want to upgrade if it means they have to play the original BF.  They LOVE
->the Desert Combat mod.  Andreas, tell DICE to buy this mod NOW!  Just like
->Valve/Sierra (I don't know which) bought CS.
->I've heard that 1.4 breaks somethings in DC.  I can assume the DC team is
->quickly trying to get .4 out soon, but anyone else's experiences are
->greatly appreciated.
->If you'd like to reply to me personally, I'll summarize the responses to
->reduce list traffic.
->Paul VanDyke
->Kodiak Gaming Community
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