[bf1942] Cdrom or not?

Kurt Roeske kroeske at absolutelycomputers.ca
Sat Jun 7 14:46:53 EDT 2003

Yes the DS....kinda weird....you know how it says loading and
stuff...when you type the ./bf1942_lnxded +game BF1942 +restart 1
+dedicated 1 +config ServerSettings.con

Then all this stuff flashes by the screen....and those ERRORS are

I wondered if copying the files would work or not...from a client
install then installing/tar/bzip2 the bf1942-lnxded-1.3beta.tar.bz2 and

I even tried getting ALL the bf1942-lnxded
files....1.2/1.3/1.31/build10***/etc...etc and I installed them all in
order...lol..that was a lot of work... ;) Still errors...no luck

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Hello Kurt,

Saturday, June 7, 2003, 7:59:07 PM, you wrote:

KR> I was just wondering but I do get a lot of errors during the loading
KR> of the dedicated server saying ERROR cant find animation stuff and
KR> such.just wondering if it is that I need to copy stuff from the
KR> cd?....We own the game and the addon packs.
KR> When reading the FAQs I see a lot of get this file and that and I
KR> all that installed.however during the process I have not mounted or
KR> installed the cdrom drive..just thought I would ask! THX for any
KR> PS: I know the ERRORS are common.but ERROR Objects, Animations,
KR> etc.??
KR> Mount CDROM during install or not? 
KR> I have been running this server as Windows but I am sick of that.and
KR> know Linux can be such a better OS. I'm not new to Linux however am
KR> to running a linux bf server! ;)
KR> Absolutely Computers <http://absolutelycomputers.ca/> 
KR> 790 Dundee Rd Kelowna BC
KR> V1X 1R4 250-762-6402

Have you really installed the DS or just copied the files from a
client install?

I haven't got any error message after installing the TRUE DS...

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