[bf1942] Status update before the weekend

Killing killing at barrysworld.com
Fri Jun 6 11:49:16 EDT 2003

Thanks for that appreciated as always Andreas.

Did you get my info on the gamespy protocol issue?
You may have already fixed it but if not it would be good if this could
make 1.4 as its quite a big issue for people looking for servers out

    Steve / K
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Hi list,

Monday is a national holiday here in Sweden so I'll give you a status
update now instead:

- EA has been testing of the Linux server with good results.

- I've removed COOP for now, but it will make it back later.

I know many of you were hoping for a 1.4 release today but one showstopper
appeared late in testing. The bug itself has been fixed, but this
implies a new round of testing (with possibly other bugs to fix). We're
hoping for a quick turn-around this time though.

The story goes on..

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