[bf1942] [OT] Server query tools.

Killing killing at barrysworld.com
Fri Jun 6 11:47:21 EDT 2003

From: "ScratchMonkey" <ScratchMonkey at SewingWitch.com>
> > Ok I'm being dumb here I cant find it on sourceforge.net
> > URL?
> http://qstat.org/

I knew where that was :P It was the cvs archive mentioned I couldn't
fine on sourceforge. Assumed their search function actually worked
which it doesnt. All fine after using a bit of common sence the second
before James mailed the solution :D

Thanks to all anyway. For those that are interested and who missed
my mail I've mailed steve the patch to 2.5c that fixes as much as we
can about the gamespy protocol and BF1942 along with one that
added native Ravenshield support. He's a busy man so if anyone wants
them drop me a mail and I'll forward them on.

    Steve / K

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