[bf1942] [OT] Server query tools.

Steven Hartland killing at barrysworld.com
Thu Jun 5 19:43:16 EDT 2003

From: "Kingsley Foreman" <kingsley at uglypunk.com>
> do a search on sourceforge for qstat
> grab the latest CVS

Ok I'm being dumb here I cant find it on sourceforge.net
> then use ASE it is much more accurate
> on a doze box it is qstat -eye blah:14567

Yer looks like BF1942's support for the gamespy protocol
it totally broken its not just not cleaning up it just blatantly
wrong if ASE is to be believed.

On an up note I've cleaned up some of the current qstat
code to work better with bf1942 its not perfect and will
never be until BF1942 fixes its side but its better than it

    Steve / K

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