[bf1942] [OT] Server query tools.

James Gurney james at globalmegacorp.org
Wed Jun 4 19:02:09 EDT 2003

Steven Hartland wrote:

>>root at fez:~# qstat -P -gps
>>        0/20 Battleaxe     26 / 0  conquest CSM - DC 0.35 
>>- Seattle
>>           0 frags team#0       0ms ?
>>           0 frags team#2       0ms CELUI QUI AIME LE SANG
> Am I missing something or it is saying 0/20 players. Are you talking about
> the info afterwards?

Right, the count is correct. The info after that is what's incorrect.

> Yer they are two diff protocols. It could be parsing error what version 
> of qstat are you using? 2.5c is the latest which has the comment:
> "Fixed packet parsing for Battlefield 1942.  Use -gps to query BF1942
> 	servers.  The query port is usually 23000."
> In the release notes, maybe that's your issue?

I'm running 2.5c, so that's not it. I'm wondering if it's a client thing 
or if the server is incorrectly reporting information when queried in 
this fashion.


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