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You should buy the game, as well as the expansion, Allot of the fan sites have blasted the expansion but in my opinion its great. you should also be able to enjoy joining any area of the community, as well as get respectful answers to any questions you may have.
To the Linux community I think a guide to install with all of the files needed to setup and install both a Linux and win32 server would be a great addition to the millions of sites out their.
I started working on such a site tonight, and will send it to GP who runs I will create a screenshot guide to setting up both a Linux and windows server, as well as include every file you will need to accomplish both tasks. 
I will have available on the Battlefield Central site, the Linux OS both Red Hat and FreeBSD .is for install as well as any and all of the various files and updates needed. We will put it all together make it easy to read and follow. 
If anyone knows if such a site already exists please let me know, as I don't want to step on anyone's toes. Anyone and everyone's support in this project would be much appreciated.

Jeremy Wood
Site Director
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