[bf1942] Tards to ban

Cream[DONut] cream at donut.dk
Sun Jun 1 15:14:45 EDT 2003

It would be GREAT if you could add some extra fields to the banning data, 
one that stores the name of the admin, and one where text can be entered 
when banning someone, fx. add a reason for the ban, and have the banlist 
written in an easy parsable file.

We have written our own adminmod plugin to do this on our CS servers, and 
it have made everyone's life ALOT easier when it comes to unbanning people. 
the way it works is the admin uses the commando:

admin_ban teamkillername repeatedly shooting at his teammates on purpose

and the log file then gets 5 entries
1. wonid (hashed cd-key "123456")
2. name of offender ("teamkillername")
3. name of admin ("Cream[DONut]")
4. the reason ("repeatedly shooting at his teammates on purpose")
5. time/date ("12:09:35 1-6-2003")

fx. When people come and say "bla bla bla. i dont know why i have been 
banned, please unban me", it helps alot to be able to say "sorry, but you 
have been permanently banned for repeatedly shooting at your teammates on 

or maybe someone have been banned 6 months ago for "camping spawn", well 
the unbanner can then unban him and give him a warning.

Would be great if this was a native part of BF.


ps. my bosses are eagerly awaiting the logging function so we can put 
player statistics on our website.

At 12:47 PM 5/31/2003 +0200, you wrote:

>All games that use the GameSpy SDK receive a hashed version of
>the cd key when clients connect, BF does this too. This is in
>turn used for checking for duplicate cd keys. It's a fairly
>small change to add banning and kicking by this id as well
>but it has to work persistently as well so I'm going to have
>to rewrite some console commands for it to work.
>It's going in sooner or later in any case.
>// Andreas
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>From: Steve Getman
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>Subject: RE: [bf1942] Tards to ban
>Question is, does the CD Key actually get sent to the server?  My guess
>would be that it is not.  Having it sent may not be a good idea either
>since it could theoretically be captured and used for pirated copies of
>the game.
>An alternative way to handle bans might be to base them on MAC address.
>These are unique per ethernet card so it wouldn't matter if the tard
>to change his ip.  The downside is that MAC addresses can be spoofed
>fairly easily by someone who knows how.
>Steve Getman
>steve at lightcubed.com
><quote who="Stewart, John">
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> > Aye; here's a me-too. CD-key bans are the only effective method...!
> >
> > johnS
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