[bf1942] Off Topic Admin Question

Casey Zacek bfb-bf at bogleg.org
Thu Jul 31 16:59:40 EDT 2003

ScratchMonkey wrote (at Thu, Jul 31, 2003 at 04:23:46AM -0700):
> BTW, as a relatively fast touch typist, I find the keyboard response in the 
> BF client pretty woeful, with it dropping characters rather than accepting 
> typeahead. Any chance you can have the UI guys fix that? And also allow 
> keyboard dismissal of dialogs (ie. tab, enter and escape). This is 
> particularly important in the console, with the long command names taking 
> awhile to type if one slows down to avoid losing chars.
> It would be fine with me if the FPS dropped substantially when a typing 
> prompt was visible, so I could get the string typed quickly and out of the 
> way.

Please forgive this.  It's a "me-too" post.

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