Win98 clients cause other client crashes?

Lee Latham leeprivate at
Thu Jul 31 11:30:00 EDT 2003


Just wanted to see if anyone else has had problems with their client 
crashing when a win98 client connects to their server?

I gotta buddy still running 98, and whenever he's on my server, I get 
booted to the desktop once every half hour average.  When he's not on 
there, it's once every 5 hours or so, and I'm wondering if it's because of 
another win98 client.

I have definitely seen that when he attempts to run a server on his 
machine, that all clients get booted from the server randomly.  This makes 
me wonder about the robustness (or lack thereof) of the win98 tcp/ip stack, 
and if it could be sending some malformed packets or something which the 
game isn't handling well.

Any thoughts?

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