[bf1942] Off Topic Admin Question

Steve steve at evenground.org
Fri Jul 25 13:01:01 EDT 2003

you can do it pretty effectively if they can at least grasp the 
ServerSettings.ini.  If they can edit that, then use CTFE kicker or Kevin's 
Remote Admin tools, they can pretty much run it from there.   The only 
issue is completely restarting the server and that can be accomplished with 
scripts that watch for the game process..  if it ever dies, restart the 
game.    That way the user can kill the game from the console in game or 
via remote console and it will restart.


At 11:49 AM 7/25/2003 -0500, you wrote:
>I know this is way off topic.  But, has anyone developed or thought of a way
>to admin a BF Linux server for the non-saavy Linux folks.... maybe a web
>interface or webmin module.  I have people that are very happy with the
>Linux servers performance they just can't grasp the command line admin side
>of the house and they are planning to request the Windows server once again.
>I would absolutely hate for this to happen.

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