[bf1942] Off Topic Admin Question

Stewart, John johns at artesyncp.com
Fri Jul 25 13:00:37 EDT 2003

Ya, I wrote some CGI's to admin servers. It's a big hack, but works for me.
However, 1.4 broke one thing (which I fixed, but haven't released it yet).

When the new CD key banning stuff is released, I'll update it and post to
the list.


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> Subject: [bf1942] Off Topic Admin Question
> I know this is way off topic.  But, has anyone developed or 
> thought of a way
> to admin a BF Linux server for the non-saavy Linux folks.... 
> maybe a web
> interface or webmin module.  I have people that are very 
> happy with the
> Linux servers performance they just can't grasp the command 
> line admin side
> of the house and they are planning to request the Windows 
> server once again.
> I would absolutely hate for this to happen.

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