[bf1942] CD key with next beta

Reinder P. Gerritsen reinder at strikerz.net
Thu Jul 24 14:40:04 EDT 2003

It can not.

Andreas told previously, there will be no new 1.4 patch. Next release is
gonna be 1.5 (presumably because of the Bug/Exploit fixes that require
client side intervention.)Thus Win32 and Linux versions have to be
released at the same time as was with 1.4 initial release.

[pure speculation]
I am not sure, but my guess is that win32 is far more an "official"
release then the linux beta's are. This in the mind of large producers
would require much more extensive testing before releasing. Entering new
code might require a complete re-test of the build, and therefor
enhancements/new features would take longer to be integrated into the
win32 codetree.... 

Not that I mind the linux binaries to be used for feature testing though


Then again, that would mean 1.5 is close to being released, otherwise
there is enough time to retest these additions to the code.

[/pure speculation]

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On 24.07.2003 bf1942 at icculus.org wrote:

> Please note that the next win32 version will not have the cd key 
> banning system until I've merged over the code again. So win32 admins 
> will have to wait a bit longer to get this.

Any reason for that? I'm sure many Win32 admins would be fine with the
patch being released a little later in order to implement this.


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