[bf1942] unsubscribe?

Reinder P. Gerritsen reinder at strikerz.net
Thu Jul 24 13:19:40 EDT 2003

To quote another list mixup:

> --- Administrative commands for the bf1942 list ---
> I can handle administrative requests automatically. Please
> do not send them to the list address! Instead, send
> your message to the correct command address:
> For help and a description of available commands, send a message to:
>    <bf1942-help at icculus.org>
> To subscribe to the list, send a message to:
>    <bf1942-subscribe at icculus.org>
> To remove your address from the list, just send a message to the 
> address in the ``List-Unsubscribe'' header of any list message. If you

> haven't changed addresses since subscribing, you can also send a 
> message to:
>    <bf1942-unsubscribe at icculus.org>
> For addition or removal of addresses, I'll send a confirmation message

> to that address. When you receive it, simply reply to it to complete 
> the transaction.
> If you need to get in touch with the human owner of this list, please 
> send a message to:
>     <bf1942-owner at icculus.org>
> Please include a FORWARDED list message with ALL HEADERS intact to 
> make it easier to help you.

Hope it help's you.


-----Original Message-----
From: Kevin J. Anderson [mailto:lestat at counter-strike.net] 
Sent: Thursday, July 24, 2003 19:15
To: bf1942 at icculus.org
Subject: [bf1942] unsubscribe?

sorry, cant seem to find how to unsubscribe anywhere on icculus,
lightcubed, etc.

anyone know how?  moving and will be w/o net access for a while and dont
want to kill my email account.


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