A feature that would improve BF1942

Mark Hellmann mark.hellmann at tiscali.co.uk
Thu Jul 24 13:08:31 EDT 2003

The option to re-direct a user that connects to a server running a custom
map to a URL enabling them to dl the map in the same manner as UT.
	Well we run several servers at LAN's and I know it would be easy to go
around telling the users where the map is located on the web server we run
but users still make mistakes.
It has been covered on this list before, but as we are seeing BF1942 and its
mod's take off in a big way now at our LAN's and that the tools to create
maps are getting better all the time, custom maps are coming thick and fast.
At small LAN's it is OK to go round telling people where the maps are and
how to install them, but trust me, at our large events when we run custom
map servers that users have requested they still make mistakes. i.e.
installing the map in the wrong place etc. Then these servers are just not

UT got it right with its URL re-direction system.  Would it be possible to
maybe include this feature in the future.

Just my thoughts on a what is already the most played game at our LAN's.


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