El Alamein reservoir cheat / bug

Dieter Kirchner dieter at roko.goe.net
Mon Jul 21 20:07:32 EDT 2003


Found a new one:

at two flags in el alamein you have some fuel tanks. Drive with a
vehicle close to them, so that the spot were you would stand if you
leave the vehicle is were one of the fuel tanks is. Leave the vehicle
and you will stand _in_ the fuel tank :-)
This works when the vehicle stands close to the round caps of the tanks.
Seems to be a clipping problem.

I noticed that when two guys from a clan used this on one EAUK server.
Its nearly impossible when the cheater is in prone postion to shot him,
sometimes grenades work. But you can move into the depot the same way to
shot the guy.

Hope EA fixes the model....



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