[bf1942] cheats in DC al-khafji docks

Kevin J. Anderson lestat at counter-strike.net
Mon Jul 21 17:40:26 EDT 2003

dont forget that map is a DC map... so you should probably email them, not
this list.


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->Being able to merge into buildings and objects has been around
->for a while.  The flying exploit is because of the 1.4 patch, so
->it doesn't matter which map you are on.
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->> Hello,
->> Don't know for sure if this is Linux server related or not (it
->might be),
->> but I didn't want it to get lost in all the static in the forums.
->> It is possible to get "inside" the ship on al khafji docks by
->taking your
->> boat into the narrow gap between it and the shore, and turning
->hard into
->> the boat.  Once inside, you can snipe players on the boat with impunity.
->> Discovered this when I kept respawning and getting sniped by the same
->> guy--when I had taken cover from 6 different directions, including
->> up!   Changed teams and followed the guy around until I saw him
->go in there.
->> It would be nice if that and the "flying" cheat could be fixed
->in the next
->> cut...are these both server bugs, then?
->> I got people flying all over al khafji on my server...looks
->like freaking
->> Mary Poppins in there!
->> Lee
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