Server ports

James Gurney james at
Wed Jul 9 21:02:27 EDT 2003

(Cross posted to forums)

I'm trying to make sense of the server ports for running more than one 
server on the same box. I put together the following table to help me 
work out what's going on. Hopefully this will be useful to other people 
as well, and if anyone spots any mistakes here, let me know.

The 14555 port in the below table is just what I chose to use, I'm not 
sure if there's a normal "default" value for this.

Port   Proto    Purpose   Config File entry
14555  TCP      Rcon      admin.enableRemoteConsole <user> <pass> <port>
23000  UDP      Gamespy   game.gameSpyPort
14690  UDP      ASE       game.ASEPort
14567  UDP      Server    game.serverPort

I'm also unsure as to what the game.gameSpyLANPort setting changes, so 
if someone has info on that and would like to add it to the table, go ahead.


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