[bf1942] Multiple servers (LAN + internet) on the same box

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Fri Jul 4 01:13:15 EDT 2003


my internet server works just fine for our customers, but sometimes they
would like to play a LAN game and since the BF 1.4 does not let creating LAN
games (not even a single player) I wanted to make a  LAN server for them.
Don't ask me why Create Game doesn't work... Even DC mod doesn't. It's all

And even the LAN servers are much easier to find, since there is no crowd in
the LAN ingame browser, hehe.

515TEM Compaq

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> Uhm, I have a dsl router here which obvously has a live ip, and several
> boxes behind the router with lan class ips, and one of them if the bf
> server, all I do is forward the appropriate ports for the net play,
> the server set to 1 for internet) and tell lan clients instead of browsing
> but to go add ip in the multiplayer menu, then add the lan ip and it
> connects fine
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> I was wondering...
> I am running a multiplayer gaming room with 15 computers and we have an
> internet BF server set. But I would like to make a LAN server for our
> customers too... on the same machine. How can I do that?
> So it's basically multiple servers on one machine...
> I searched the forum on icculus but couldn't find a neat solution.   :)
> Only ppl asking how to do it, but no explanations... RTFM doesn't work
> either (or I have my sunglasses on, hehe).
> Looking forward...
> Lep pozdrav
> Klemen

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