[bf1942] Server test

Darcy darcy at imgaming.com
Wed Jul 2 10:05:34 EDT 2003

Are you sitting behind a firewall by any chance? I had to forward several ports (Linksys Cable/DSL Router) before my server would start attracting customers...

Status update for my server:
Still running OB7, it crashes every now and then, but it has visitors probably 20 hours of the day. My cable ISP is gonna shit themselves when they see my bandwidth usage this month... ;)  12 Players right now, peaking ~35%  at 15 players, it never broke 55%, so i'd say the cpu bugs have been fixed. (P3-866 2.4.21)

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  Hi all,

              Has anyone been able to connect to my server at: 14567

  It's running the 1.4 and OBS 7 patches, but I haven't seen anyone connect to it and it is sitting on an OC-12.

  Thanks in advance.
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