[bf1942] sortof OT: Grey rectangle in client

Lee Latham leeprivate at cgmlarson.com
Fri Dec 26 14:24:14 EST 2003

that appears to be the case, as I have had it with both nvidia and an ati card.

it does seem to be rather rare, i've searched newsgroups and forums to 
little avail, other than like 2 other people with the problem.  i feel like 
the answer must be staring me in the face, since deinstalling the offending 
mods has always fixed the problem.

EOD .12 wasn't a problem for me, as i wanted to let mature a little before 
getting into it, but DC .6 is not something i want to live without!

At 05:11 PM 12/26/2003 -0300, you wrote:
>Oh, an ati user, i was thinking that this was a nvidia problem,
>so the problem  is with the game it self.
>wokka at justfamily.org wrote:
>>Is it in middle of screen?  I had this problem with the catalyst 3.9
>>then, i downgraded to 3.7 and it fixed it... i have since went to 3.10 and
>>it hasn't returned...
>>p4 with ati 9800pro
>>>At 03:38 PM 12/26/2003 -0300, you wrote:
>>>>Sometimes its appears, sometime don´t!
>>>>Even with a clear install, I use a geforce4 mx 440 and windows 2000 pro.
>>>Okay, that's interesting, this originally happened to me when I installed
>>>EOD .12 on my nvidia card.  _However_, now I'm running a Radion
>>>card.  Defnitely DC .6 seems to be responsible for it now, one way or
>>>another.  The strangest thing to me is that it affects all other
>>>mods.  Uninstall DC .6, everything's fine...
>>>Unfortunately, mine never goes away.. :-(

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